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The Jeff Katz Show
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Need Ammo For Your Debates - Check These Out


If you enjoy Jeff's unique perspective, you'll enjoy these sites:

National Rifle Association
Republican Jewish Coalition
The Cato Institute
Libertarian Party
International Society for Individual Liberty
Young America's Foundation
The Heritage Foundation
Ronald Reagan Ranch
American Civil Liberties Union
American Center for Law and Justice
Ayn Rand Institute
Claremont Institute
Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny
Project 21
Future of Freedom Foundation
Swift Boat Veterans for Truth

Atlas Shrugged
Ayn Rand  More Info
price: $6.29

The Fountainhead
Ayn Rand  More Info
price: $6.29

Libertarianism : A Primer
David Boaz  More Info
price: $17.95

Ayn Rand  More Info
price: $7.99

Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal (Signet Shakespeare)
Ayn Rand  More Info
price: $7.99

Ayn Rand and Business
Donna Greiner  More Info
price: $24.95


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